Dominic Steinhöfel

I am a computer scientist and postdoctoral researcher at Technische Uni­ver­sität Darm­stadt. My research interests focus on formal methods and logics in general, and on program verification-related aspects in particular. More recently, I have been looking into modeling and automatically proving conditional correctness of program transformations using Abstract Execution, my verification framework for schematic programs. See here for my current list of publications.


  • PhD Thesis Published - My PhD thesis “Abstract Execution: Automatically Proving Infinitely Many Programs” has been published and is available for download (open access).
  • Extract Inkscape Layers to PDF files for LaTeX Beamer Presentations - I like doing fancy presentations with little text (but in the titles, I heard that’s called “power titles” occasionally) but with a lot of graphics and animations. As a computer scientist who uses a lot of math stuff in his work, I of course use LaTeX even for creating presentations for its math features, although, […]
  • Easier Typesetting of Proof Trees - A Frontend to the LaTeX Bussproofs package with accompanying VIM Plugin Recently I wanted to typeset a quite large proof tree in LaTeX using the Bussproofs package. As usual, I didn’t do this by hand editing text files, but by using the convenient LyXproofs library for doing this in a what-you-see-is-what-you-mean manner within LyX. Still, […]